Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a baby girl named Ruby.  She was 3 months old and very polite.
In the morning, Ruby woke up and called for her dad to come play.  They played for an entire hour before daddy left for work!
Then, she had a quick snack and played with mom for about a half hour before heading back to the crib.  Life sure wears a girl out!  
Mom did the dishes, started the laundry, and picked up the house while Ruby girl slept.  Then, when Ruby woke up around 11am, mom realized that she hadn't showered, it had been 2 days since Ruby's last bath, AND it was sunny outside!  So what better solution than to put on swimsuits and head to the pool for a mommy/daughter date!  

First they sat poolside.  Ruby beneath her shaded covering, and mom beneath the bright, Utah sun.  Before long it was time to cool off and swim around!  Ruby loved kicking and splashing and staring at her bright pink toenails.  
Mom drank some water, Ruby drank some milk, and then it was off to the next water activity: bath time!  There is nothing Ruby loves more than a nice warm bath, just like her momma!  
After a nice long drink of milk, Ruby begged for a nap.  So by the time mom got herself together and found a swaddling blanket, Ruby was fast asleep for her transfer to the crib.  Mom checked her emails, blogs, facebook, instagram, pinterest... the works.  After some time connecting with the outside world, she got some lunch and made a few more phone calls.  Then, she practiced the piano. When R girl woke up, she wanted to go to the park to roll around.  Tummy time doesn't really work anymore because Ruby just flips herself over easy as that.  
After they got home, Ruby sat on mom's lap for a good 40 minutes while she wrote emails, made calls and planned meetings for mom's church group, the Relief Society.  Then, the girls made a meal plan for the week and took a walk to the grocery store!  Ruby is too little for the free cookies, but she sure loved rolling around in her stroller.  

Dinner was the next event.  Ruby hung out in the Bjorn while mom cooked the steaks, asparagus, and baked potatoes.  Dad's favorite.  Yum! Ruby doesn't like to be alone too much, she's a very social girl. Dinner was a hit and after playing with dad, time for one more nap!  The evening was spent hanging out with some friends and playing with other babies. Everyone loved holding Ruby and getting a smile out of her!

I sure love my days with Ruby and I am the luckiest to be her mother!


Noelle said...

Very cute Stef. I love reading the "day in the life" posts. She is an adorable smiler!!!

Margene said...

I loved your post and she is to cute. I love her red hair.

NatalieD said...

She sure is a cute girl, and a very blessed one!