Friday, August 17, 2012


Here is the long awaited post from our weekend in St. George/ Zion.  We went with our friends the Moores (who did a great blog post -with lots more pics- summing up the trip!)  
Some fun things we did were:

Hiking in Red Cliffs
Eating good food
Off roading
Floating the river
Water sliding
Hiking in Zion National Park
Going to the "Little Narrows" in St. George
Avacoado face masks
Crawfish hunting

Because I am too busy impatient to put the photos in order, here's the hodge podge:

photo credit: Jesse

We began at red cliffs:
photo credit: Jesse

The Hidden Canyon Trail (highly recommend it for next time your in Zion)

photo credit: Jesse
great pic, huh???

Rubywas sure a trooper!

YUM!  Fav tradition:  these brownie sundaes at the lodge!

And we hiked a little ways into the narrows:

And on the way home, we found these gorgeous hot springs.  Total highlight!

The RED BARN.  Best apple juice ever.  

And the great thing is that we had such a good time, we are doing another weekend trip with the Moores starting TODAY!  Backpacking in the Uintas!  


Julie T said...

Two words: I'm jealous!

Kimberly Moore said...

We seriously packed this weekend! Good times! I think Jesse and I need to hit those hot springs during the day time. They look soo cool during the day!!