Saturday, January 19, 2013

Packing Saturday

Today was another BUSY day! We got up early to play with T and kind of get geared up mentally for the work ahead.

We spent the morning storing all the kitchen gear (griddle, kitchen aid, cake stand, pitcher...) into their original boxes.  You'd be surprised what a challenge it is to fit the primary object and all the pieces/attachments into that one original box...  We spent about an hour and a half doing that, after which I headed to the UPS store to return an Amazon item, Kid2Kid to sell some clothes, and about 5 different gas stations to collect newspaper.  Oh, and Daylight Donuts, to of course, buy donuts.

By noon we were in full swing back at home.  Scott with paperwork and financials, and me with the bathroom and cosmetic packing.  I am working to let go of my hoarding tendencies and said goodbye to several used hairspray bottles and nail colors which I never wear.  Turns out it is kind of liberating to see so much STUFF leaving your house.

We emptied 2 closets, finished the bathrooms (and cleaned them, might I add), and then started in on the garage.  It felt pretty good to pack away our snow clothes, knowing this lip-cracking weather will be a mere memory soon enough.  But, we were both pretty sad boxing up our camping gear- we have sure loved our time in Zion, Bryce, Red Cliffs, and many other Southern Utah camping spots.  I feel so happy that I don't have regrets about not going often enough or taking full advantage of the outdoor opportunities here.

Once the garage was done, we were practically starved and subsequently took Bryan my brother to a birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Bryan is always so talkative and easy going, a complete pleasure for a dinner date. And it helps that T adores him; He's a brother and babysitter in one!  After dinner, back to the house for some more work in the kitchen!  I feel like every other box I label is written "FRAGILE" we have so many glasses and vases!

Tomorrow is a day of rest.  Don't be deceived, we'll be up at 7am getting ready for 8:30 church!

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kp said...

this is a reminder that we have some spare boxes if you need more boxes. Lots of different sizes
the KPs