Monday, January 28, 2013

"Now THAT is how you organize a move!"

I am pretty happy that we made it through today.
We got started with a knock on the door at 7:50am.
We weren't expecting Bryan until 8am, so we got ourselves together and began moving!

Through a series of poor choices, bad luck and a miracle...
we ended up with a storage unit double the size we had planned on for only a little more money each month.  Our unit is very secure, has a wide entrance, is located in the middle of an isle, and even has a concrete lip to keep weather out.  I never knew I didn't know so much about storage units.  But now I do :)

Bryan and my friend Kristen were angels to come for a few hours in the morning to really get us going and get lots of work done!  Once they left, we didn't stop until 2pm to eat some chicken nuggets.  

My friend Elise was soooo sweet to take Tatum for over 4 hours, allowing us to keep up the pace and get ready for the ward movers to come at 5pm.  Scott's biggest pet peeve in the world (and probably mine, too) is to show up at a move and have the owners frantic, not knowing what things stay or go, and unable to direct workers.  Anybody with us???  So, Scott has been pretty excited to make his move go smoothly and make sure all our helpers felt like their time was valuably spent.  And sure enough, we got it done.  When helpers showed up at 5 we put them right to work.  They had everything in the cars by 5:35 and Scott was home, done with everything by 6:10.  Epic.  

We sorted some more things out (we still have bags for Costa Rica, California, some kitchen gear, baby toys and a few other miscellaneous items) and then had a nice pasta dish together for dinner.  Now we will relax, watch a movie (read: eat popcorn) and gear up for tomorrow's big day cleaning!  Anybody care to join us?  :)


Marianne & Eddie said...

It's really happening!! So awesome. And I am impressed with the move- my pet peeve too- good work on the efficient process!

Emily Holden said...

I'm sure it's sinking in a bit more now with all the stuff gone. Good luck with everything!

Tara said...

I've heard horror stories of people not being ready to move too, so I'm almost OCD about making sure we are completely ready when the ward show up :). Sounds like you guys are almost ready!