Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Little Winter

We did our first babysitting swap in December!  It worked out great, and we got to go ice skating at Bryant Park!  Ice skating is free, skate rentals are about $15... Probably worth buying your own skates if you plan on going twice...

You may remember seeing some video clips of our sweet routines on the ice.  This was back when you could wear a sweater and a wool coat to keep warm.  Those days are no more.
 This was his first attempt.  He got lots of compliments for not falling,
 but his second attempt didn't end as well. 
 And my favorite part of that photo above is the mean mean rink man who literally came around at least every 5 minutes to tell us we were doing something wrong/breaking the rules.  Oh geez.
 And our first Bald Man hot chocolate!  It is very thick and very yummy.  But I don't think I could ever drink my own.  So rich.

If only my chicken pot pie tasted as good as it looks!

It was good, but lacking some flavor.  

Us girls ready for the big Christmas party! Check out T's boots.  So intense.
 This was our first snow.  Kind of a hassle.

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Chelsea said...

Her boots! They are pretty intense indeed.