Monday, January 20, 2014

Unbelievable Part 2

I should really just call this series "Awkward Subway Stories" because there are so many unbelievable things that happen in the subway!!  

We were on our way to our ward Christmas party when Scott stood beside a sitting man who decided it was time for a nail trim.  So although he couldn't possibly have showered in at least 2 weeks, he got out his clippers right there on the train and started clipping away.  If the loud click didn't alert us that nails were coming our way, the flying, dirty fingernails right into our personal space was enough to make Scott throw up in his mouth.

The other day on the train I listened to a man talk for 7 stops (a long time!) about how The Jazz basketball team should be from Louisiana, and The Lakers should be from Michigan.  "It makes no sense!!!" he kept repeating.  "There's no lakes in Los Angeles, all the lakes are in MICHIGAN!  The Lakers should be Michigan's team!!  And the Jazz?  Louisiana is known for it's Jazz, Utah just has Mormons!  They don't have a clue about Jazz!"   Oh wow. 

I have found myself reminding Scott a lot lately to "just please clear your plate after dinner." The other day he told me "You know what Stefanie, sometimes I do remember to bring my plate to the kitchen, but I choose not to." <insert confused stares from Stefanie>  "I do that because I just want you to love me even more!"  Oh wow.  He wants me to serve him so that I love him more.  Unbelievable!

And the last, truly unbelievable thing to share is that I watched not one but TWO full length movies this week without doing any projects to keep me busy or falling asleep.  And neither of them were romantic comedies!  Premium Rush is about delivery bikers in NYC.  It's a total New York movie with most of the scenes at Columbia in the same buildings Scott uses, and down in Chinatown where we frequent often.  Compelling story, and maybe even too believable for my liking!  And the second show, Captain Phillips, based on the 2009 hijacking of US cargo ship by Somali pirates-- it's definitely a thriller.  At every point you think there is no way the situation could get worse, and then it does!  Both good shows, and it's a record broken that I stayed alert for both.

Happy Monday :)


Claire said...

These are hilarious, especially the story about Scott ;) Is Premium Rush on netflix or something?

kp said...

That's funny that Scott made the list of crazies you always talk about! Also, I had never thought about it before now, but I think that guy has a point with the basketball teams. And I bet it would also bug him when teams like the "jazz" have a mascot and it's a bear. I just.don'