Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seattle, Food Style 2013

 I think we will go on a food tour every time we visit Seattle.  
We must go to Pike Place anyway for the clam chowder, so we may as well throw in a few extras too!  

This time we tried these chocolate covered cherries at Chukar here:
 Scott's old company used to give these away at Christmas, so we wanted to see if they are even good. They are.  
Here, we tried some white truffles.  As in mushrooms.  They sell for $5,900 PER POUND.  So I am pretty shocked we actually got a taste!  This girl, a truffle connoisseur, was pretttty impressed that we had been to Croatia and tried their white truffles too.  
We literally only tried a bite of this smoked salmon, but I should have bought more.  I was told there was more salmon at home, but it didn't happen :(  And now I am left with a trip to Seattle having had only a teeny bite of this goodness.  This is an airplane packable food and next time I will pack it with me on the airplane.
  One of those mandatory pics, you know?
 And let's cut to the chase:  The Original Pike Place Chowder.  It's the best.  
 Just totally the best.  Always our favorite stop on a food tour. 
 And we finally got up the courage to wait in line at Piroshky, Piroshky...  I mean, how can we saw we love food tours in Pike Place without having been to this Russian bakery?!?  
 We had the marzipan pastry, smoked salmon patay.  We would recommend both of them.  
 Kind of a non-traditional stop, but a good one indeed, KuKuRuZa Gourmet popcorn!  My mom and I were both there, so as world's biggest popcorn fans we had to stop here.  We got the carmel/bacon variety.  Not too strong in the bacon department, but it left a good, smoky aftertaste!
 And last but not least, gelato.  There are few things I love more than true lemon gelato.  One of my greatest regrets in life is the fact that we shared a gelato between us when we were at Lake Como in Italy 2 years ago.  If there was a time to splurge, that was it.  So now I feel pretty good about ordering my own when the opportunity arises to compensate for being a cheapskate in the past. 
And the baby girl loves it too :)


Chelsea said...

What a great city. Yum I'm hungry after reading this. Great blog updates! I should do that too. :)

Noelle said...

Of all your food tours, I still haven't been on one. At least I can say I've tasted the chowder!