Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I know, this is really old news.  But, for the sake of record keeping.  Here goes.  
We decided NOT to go to the parade for two reasons #1: You must go very early to get a good spot, and #2:  It is FREEZING outside. 
Who wants to get up super early and wait for 4 hours with a cold, crying baby?  Doesn't sound too appealing to me.
So, we went to the Natural History museum the night before where they blow up the floats.  The trick is to go 2 hours early so you can get off at the closest subway stop (it is closed later on) and just enjoy the museum for a few hours before coming out and being right at the blow ups without any line!  The plan worked splendidly!
Look at those huge tanks of helium!  It was pretty impressive how they blow them up, each section is netted to keep them from flying away, and held down with over 100 sand bags.  There were probably 15-25 guys working on each float.  They take a few hours to inflate!
T girl doesn't keep her own gloves on, but she'll take Scotts any day!

So then we woke up and it was Thanksgiving. About 8am.  We decided we'd probably regret it if we didn't at least try going, so we got bundled up and headed to about 72nd street on Central Park West.  We were fairly far away, but the floats are huge and we could still see enough to make it worth the trip.  We stayed for about 40 min and went home before the crowds.  WIN.  All the smartest people brought ladders and sat up high on those to get the best views!  


I think next year when T is a little older she'll recognize more of the characters and love it even more!  All in all, a great way to start the day!


Noelle said...

Fun thing to do on your birthday! Way to make a memory.

Julie T said...

Great move on the museum...pretty soon you're going to be able to write a book for newcomers!
It says it's 10 degrees F in NYC right now with much lower temps to come! Get out the hot chocolate, popcorn and great books and movies!!

Chelsea said...

Lovely lovely. Great job at record keeping. :)

Chelsea said...

that picture of Tatum with the gloves is darling. :)

Chelsea said...
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Kimberly Moore said...

I now know why there was a shortage of helium last year (true story); they were saving it for the Tday parade!! :) looks super fun! Love that pic of T in the giant gloves!