Thursday, January 22, 2015

Candy Sled Racing

This is a pretty fun activity- kids and adults love building with candy.  But if you do it just be sure you have about 5x as much hot glue stick refills as you think you'll need!
(Mid potty-training/flu week at our house, this cutest new shirt got poop all over it.  So I put it in oxi clean, which took out the poop like a dream, and took the gold dots off too :(  I still love the shirt but mourn the metallic polka dots!

The ramp in the backyard!  We have just used cardboard on the stairs before, but with so much wood around the Hathaway house, Scott ramped it up (if you will) and built this with Shane before the big race!

I am proud to say that my sled, "Curly Red" won the beauty contest, which isn't super accurate when you have a 2 year old for a judge!

Her dream come true!
Another successful year of candy sled races!

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