Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014

This was SUCH a fun Christmas year!
She is at the cutest age and everything is just such a thrill!

Sorting out her red/green m&ms.  Big business.
We started the morning at the downstairs tree by the chimney, where Santa came.  Her doctor kit was the big win, she has been giving us all about 40 check ups a day for 3 weeks now!

The most excited she got about a single present was her play dough kit!  I think she loved it so much because she knows and loves play doh already, so the kit with a roller, stamps, cutters and all sorts of accessories really just blew her mind.  She couldn't breathe she was soooo excited!  
Next was her ELSA princess dress from Auntie Beana!  SUCH a hit!  She loves it and continues to wear it every day.
Beana also strung those popcorn strands, which was a a labor of love, and Tatum really enjoyed.
Our timer group shot:
That turned out to take 10 photos, making us all go crazy (Scott?!) doing weird poses.
Her bubble gun!  Which she got frustrated with, threw on the ground, and already broke :(  This gun lit up, was refillable and had so much potential!  What a shame!
Our little 3T girl!  Growing up so fast!
And a GREAT part of Christmas:  The Low Country Boil!  I really love doing this on Christmas day because it is so EASY to make, has hardly any dishes (Its a one pot wonder, and if you do it right you don't use plates or silverware either!) and is just really delicious and filling!  I can't wait to do this for years to come!  
Kilbasa (sp?) sausage, red potatoes, corn cut in thirds, raw shrimp, 2 packets of Zatarans shrimp boil seasoning, lemon wedges, and any other seafood you want!  Throw it all in the boiling pot (Which takes a long time to reach a boil, mind you) at appropriate intervals and it's time to strain and eat! 
We ALWAYS serve it with fresh squeezed lemonade.  The perfect zing.
Merry Christmas!


Noelle said...

I'm pretty sure I was on the phone when she broke her bubble gun. Sad day. But that princess dress is incredible!!

Heather said...

She is the perfect age for Christmas. It looks like a fabulous celebration! So glad you could be in the warm California sun for so long.