Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Gingerbread House decorating contest!
I told Maria (my new SIL!) that of course she was winning since they had no kids on their team ;)  Their house turned out so cute!
Lucy loved ALL the candies!
A palm out front?  Can you say California Christmas?!
And our little angel, who really believes she is the BEST gingerbread house decorator out there!  You can barely see in this pic her stick on earrings- her first time!  She kept pushing her hair behind her ears so we were sure to notice her fairy earrings all night long!  
Beana's molten lava cake!  I don't know if anyone could finish the whole thing it was so rich and delicious!
Our finished house!  We named ours "The Northridge House" since our box came with many broken pieces that we rejoined together.
Our little elf bringing a cinnamon roll for Santa and carrots for the "reindeers!" She was realllly into it.  And since coming home she has asked me where OUR chimney is so Santa can come.  I reminded her Christmas is over for this year and luckily we were at Grandmas so Santa could come down her Chimney!

Earlier in the day we made Reindeer Food to sprinkle out on the grass so the reindeer would know where to find us.  I had never even heard of this until the day before when Scott's aunt (who is also a kindergarten teacher) told us you HAVE to leave oatmeal/glitter/sprinkles out so the reindeer will guide Santa to your house!
This was the perfect recipe! 

 It must be Christmas:
 And our morning activity, salt dough ornaments!  Obviously Tatum did them ALL, but can you guess which 2 Scott helped with and which 2 I helped with?  
 It was fun to have some other kids over for Christmas Eve and watch Tatum just play and play.  She needs a perma playmate, big time!
 This little girl is so spoiled.  And an honorable mention for SueAnn's Christmas sweater!
 Beana came home late and FOUND SANTA delivering the presents!  Check it!

And prime rib for the dog.  Seriously.

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Julie T said...

Personally, I really like Sue Ann's sweater: did you do the two ornaments on the left? They are all better than anything I could make! And I like your gingerbread house the very best!