Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December 2014- A Random Compilation

This $2 Gingerbread Cottage from the Target $1 section was perfect!  Just enough thrill and not elaborate enough to get too demanding.  
Frosting sugar cookies was probably her favorite holiday activity!  Good thing I have a small collection of cookie cutters now so we can do it for more holidays too!
I loved our little Christmas tree!  And now that we have a 3ft fake tree we will have a kid/tacky tree for life, and I can decorate our 7 footer how I want :)  A good scheme this year if you ask me! 
We had such a fun morning relaxing and doing gifts and breakfast with Tatum. It was nice to open a few things while still in NY so we didn't have to fly everything back and forth, and so Tatum could open gifts from Besta and Grampy and the Tanner family at her own pace.  She was such a gem saying "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" after every gift!

New bath toys! That aren't molding from water getting left inside them... Hooray!
Her favorite gift by FAR was this little tea set!  She loves the music playing when she pours, but thankfully hasn't found the on/off switch so we can still turn it off once we've heard it 10,000 times and need a break!  She spends literally hours pouring us tea and delivering it with a little cupcake on a saucer.  It is the cutest thing!!
3 princesses at playgroup!
Tate really loved doing our thankful tree in November. She got really into collecting leaves with me and even remembered perfectly what each leaf said that any of us had written earlier in the month!
Painting for cinnamon rolls!  I combined about 4 recipes and they turned out great, but I have no idea how to replicate them!  Oops!
Checking out the Rockefeller tree was high on my holiday to do list!  It was even bigger and grander than I even thought!  I really loved it, but I could do without the crowds!
My friend Kristel came to visit the city and it was so fun to meet up and catch up!  This was her first subway ride alone, we were both so proud :)
And Tatum, throwing wishes!  The girl is motivated by money, but she doesn't even know its money!  All she cares about it earning wishes to throw in fountains and ponds.  She carries them around in her pockets (checking to be sure they are still there about every 30 seconds) and waits and waits for a chance to throw a wish!  This fountain in Chelsea Markets is where the wish obsession began!


Julie T said...

So fun to hear about many of these details previously undiscussed! And Tatum's hair is getting so full and beautiful! She's a cutie!

Tara said...

Oh I love that tidbit about the fountains. so cute!!

Chelsea said...

Your blog is great. And I love your thankful tree. Good job being such a regular blogger. :)