Monday, January 18, 2010

Best picture yet:

Yeah. We were walking through this park, Scott was holding a banana, and the next thing we knew, this monkey crawled/jumped up on him and had a snack on his head :) Since this photo, we've had snakes and birds on our head/shoulders too.
This was a very ritualistic cremation ceremony we went to in Ubud, Bali. They literally put the body in this cow, and then burn it in front of all the townspeople.

I made some friends :) They LOVED seeing their photo on the back of the camera!
Here are some more of those crazy monkeys. Scott ran up behind one, poked it, and then ran off really quickly. By the time the monkey turned around, I was the one standing there. It got SUPER mad and started hissing and barring it's teeth at me! That is the most scared I've been in southeast asia for sure. More scary than the motorbike rides. (barely...)
The beaches in Bali were pretty awesome. And see that colorful pillow in the plastic bag I'm holding? Yeah, I left it in Bali... (sorry mom!)
Okay, so the flower looked better in real life, it looks like I need to try again. But, I LOVE admiring all the new and different flowers! Singapore and Malaysia have had all sorts of awesome water features which I love too!
Can you believe they take all this water on one little scooter? The streets are serioulsy crazy.


Shawna said...

That monkey is like the one in Indiana Jones--you are both so brave to have animals land on you! The flower may not look great, but you look fantastic! I love the picture of you with the children too. It is pretty hard to believe that scooter can carry so many bottles--and somehow perfectly balanced!

NatalieD said...

The monkey's on Scott's back now. I expect a 10-page poem about your travels when you return.

Chelsea Owens said...

Ahhhh you are having the greatest time ever!!! You two are quite the pair of lucky lucky ducky duckies. So happy for you!

Heather said...

Angry wild animals are some of the scariest things ever. There's no way to combat them. What awesome adventures you're having.

Julie T said...

Hey- I don't feel bad you ditched the moshie! I am just gonna feel bad for you when you wished you had somthing other than each other's shoulder to rest on! I'm dying to hear about the Junkle Trek!!

Julie T said...

And you really do look fantastic! No worse for the wear! Speaking of wear, where's Scott? Has he given up blogging??

Sandra & Brent said...

I tried to comment on your last post but for some reason, my computer wouldn't let me do it. Anyway . . . what an awesome adventure you guys are having. I think you're right about doing this kind of thing when you're young. I seriously get exhausted from traveling even when we're staying at resorts! Whatever are you going to do when you get home and have to settle into normal, boring life. Whoops . . . I forgot who I was talking to for a minute. Steph, you will NEVER lead a boring life because you create adventure where ever you are! (i.e. clinging to the canyon wall for your very life on our slot canyon hiking afternoon!) Stay safe and well and continue having a great time. Love, Sandra