Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's picture time!

We were SO HAPPY we found the church in KualaLumpur, Malaysia. We stayed for all 3 hours yesterday and then went over to a family's house for dinner/lunch. It was FANTASTIC! So great to be in a home and have friends :)
This was our worst hostel. Let's be honest, Scott could barely handle it, and I thought it was bad, but not too bad...

This was so amazing. Uluwatu at night. I'm sad none of the rabid monkeys made it into this photo, because they were EVERYWHERE! We went to see a dance, but decided it was too expensive, so explored the cliffs instead. Those ties are part of the temple garb.

On our walk/hike through the rice terraces in Bali, so SO beautiful!

ahh.. the rice terraces :)

We hired this (now spelt) "teksi" driver for the day. He helped us wrap our sarongs so they would actually stay! His English was very poor, but he was awesome!
This was the Keckak fire dance. They 100+ men told a story of an ancient tribe. The "dance" involced many grunts and hand signals, and then they walked on fire at the end!

Op, this photo is a bit out of place, but this was the night before we left. It was so fun to have my parents over with John and SueAnn to see us off! Those packs on our backs is all we have with us!


Julie T said...

What a treat to get some pictures! So did you get to see the fire dance or was that the one that was too pricey? For the record, your worst hostel did not look as bad as some we have stayed in! I just heard a world traveller say the best food in the world is found in Singapore-did you get any of that? You look tan, you look healthy-way to score a good meal at'll need it cuz now comes the long, jerky train ride and it's only getting hotter and more humid the closer you get to Bangkok! Have fun and stick together! (as though you had a choice!)

Shawna said...

You both look so happy! Thanks for all the pictures. I'm so glad you found the church--makes all the difference in how you feel.

Heather said...

Awesome that you found a church AND a host family for dinner! I too love the pictures, and am so glad you're documenting this as you go along. You always think you'll remember everything, but even a few days later some of the details slip.

Can't believe all you've got is what's in those little backpacks!