Saturday, January 23, 2010

Koh Hai, Thailand

We hit the halfway mark yesterday. It's hard to believe it's flying by so quickly!

Now we are on an island in southern Thailand called Koh Hai. We'll be here for 2 days more and then to Ko Muk for 2 days before we do some rock climbing and animal trekking in a place I can't remember the name of. Then we hope to reach Bangkok about Saturday.

This island is fantastic. I wanted our Thai island experience to be a little nicer break, so we prepared to spend about 40-50 on the room and hopefully get a hot shower and double bed. Well, bad news. We still spend $40, but STILL have cold shower and separate beds! Ahh! It's so obnoxious! But the beach is clean with white sand. The water is perfectly clear teal with a long beach, and then a reef ringing the island. We rented a kayak for $3 yesterday and paddled out to another island. Regardless of my back stroking, Scott rowed us into these tiny narrow, bat infested caves... I was pretty scared, but there was nothing I could do. It was either stay in the kayak with him, or get out and swim!

We've loved the food here and learned a few things about ordering. Ask for 0 spice and it will still be so hot it burns your lips off! Also, they eat WAY more of the dish than rice, we like a more even parts of curry to rice, for example, so we just order more rice and share a dish.

There are TONS of dogs here. They are all over, barking and fighting and lounging at your feet. I don't like any of them, but Scott thinks some of them are cute. Yesterday we were just laying out at the beach and 2 dogs got stuck together, if you know what I mean. We've heard of this happening, but never imagined we'd see it! Well, it got pretty bad because they were trying and trying to get apart, but just couldn't. Other guests went to get help from the resort staff, who just said that the dogs will work it out with time. It took about 25 minutes before they finally split. Then they were limping around and going in the saltwater to heal...

Scott has 3 minor injuries so far, he stepped on a shell yesterday, scraped his knee up in the rain storm last week, and cut his finger on some coral. Luckily none of the injuries are inhibiting, bt just kind of a hassle.

Scott saw Whitney and Devon's blog post today, and thought "Wow, that girl looks GOOD!" It was a picture of me with dry, straight hair and normal clothes on. Yeah. I'm looking pretty ratty these days. We haven't had hot showers in over 2 weeks and I'm REALLY looking forward to using a blow dryer! I was thinking yesterday, and I honestly cannot remember what kind of phone I have. Is it silver, black, white? I think it's a flip phone, but I'm not positive... It's weird, I forget so quickly! Anyway, we miss you all and love to hear the news from home!



Noelle said...

You guys, I am glad that you get a chance to get to the beach and can relax a little. What a bummer that you don't have hot water!! I know it is low on the priority list but I think Ko PhiPhi is calling your name :) Thanks for the posts, I read every one and need to comment more. Love you guys.

Julie T said...

Gotta love that teal water! I hope you get a chance to go snorkling-they say that's the best!You're going to just love hot showers when you first get back and that will last about three days...then I predict you'll start taking it for granted again like all the rest of us! How's the humidity? DON'T eat any of those reddish chili peppers! They'll really light your fire!

Elyse Marie said...

I miss you guys! Sounds like you're having a blast...keep the posts coming! :-) Be safe!

Shawna said...

Simple pleasures (hot showers) are the best!

NatalieD said...

Another "wow" from me. That's all I can think of to say right now. :)

Heather said...

Ice cold water with tiny circular ice cubes to crush between your teeth. Oh, is that considered taunting?

Newsflash here - Sh fell down the entire flight of stairs at a friend's and split her nose. No stitches required, but lots of blood.