Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making a Memory: The Rainforest and the REAL Jungle Cruise

After spending some time in the city, we headed out into the Malaysian jungle for some real adventure -- boy did we find it.

The first day we got settled into our new accommodations, nothing fancy but a lot better than the dodgy hostel in Singapore!

Day 1

Our first afternoon we hit the trail hard. We hiked through the jungle up to a look out point. The trail was amazing, real Indiana Jones-esk, but it was a bit challenging.

Then, dinner on a floating barge.

Day 2

The second day, we spent the morning up in the canopy on some rope bridges that were amazing. A sign informed us that they were the longest in the world, hmmm. Anyway, at some points the bridges were more than 100 feet off the ground. Very cool.

In the afternoon, I had a personal highlight. THE BAT CAVES!!!! Sweet. We didn't really knowwhat to expect, but we hiked through the jungle for about 1.25 hours until we arrived. The cave was dark, warm, and very smelly. About 25 feet in, a bat flew right at my face! It was crazy.

This was the next thing I saw.

Yep, that's right. They are bats and lots of them.

The cave kept going and we saw more and more of these little blood suckers. It was mind blowing. The largest chamber we entered had more than a thousand bats in it, maybe 2 thousand. Once we saw that, we decided to turn around.

Day 3

Today we left the jungle, but we did it in style. For two hours, we cruised through the jungle on a native boat. We passed animals and villagers as we floated by the most lush, deep jungle I have ever seen. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it.

Upcoming Plans:

We are leaving Kuala Lumpur tonight on an overnight bus to Thailand. The bus will pass through the border and drop us off in Hat Yai Thailand.

From there we are planning to go to Trang, the provincial capital, and then on to Koh Ngai, an island off the coast. We might also visit Koh Muk or Kradan. Or Ko Phi Phi. It kind of depends.

We are going to rock climb in Krabe and then overnight train to Bangkok.


Julie T said...

Well, Indiana, it sounds like you are definitely getting your fill of adventure! Those bat caves sound very amazing! And your boat looks like the one in African Queen which I just watched! Don't plan on getting much rest on the long bus and train rides ahead- rumor has it the shocks, they aren't so good! :)

Heather said...

The bats pic actually made me squirm a bit over here. Nasty. But gorgeous country you're seeing!

Escobar Family said...

Wow! You have quite the adventure! I just hope Scott makes a slideshow like Drew...with music and everyone can take a wild ride on what your life has been the last few weeks. are so perfect for Scott...and what an adventure you will always be on. So glad you guys are loving it. I wish that I too will have similar adventures in the future. Have fun until the next post!

Margene said...

what a fun trip. take all these fun trips while you are young. when you get older it is too hard to sleep on those beds. how big were the bats. we have seen lots in mexico but they are all little these looked bigger were they the fruit bats. what a fun rope bridge.

Shawna said...

Thanks for the pictures and update. Sounds like Thailand may seem very tame in comparison.

Noelle said...

Bat caves? Yikes! Phil would be so totally scared!

dixiewhitehead said...

That's alotta bat droppings. What an adventure!