Thursday, January 14, 2010

The truth comes out:

Okay everyone, here's the deal:

Scott and I are really glad we are doing this backpacking adventure now in our younger years because we don't really see ourselves going like this again. We like the resort life, it turns out :) No, we are having a great time, but after only 1 week, all our clothes are stinky, hair ratty, bags heavy... you know the drill.

Everytime we eat I wonder if it may be the last... we usually eat once or twice a day, partly to save money, partly because we get busy and don't think of it, and partly because we spend so long trying to find a good warung (streetside specialty that is cheaper than restaurants.) I guess I'm writing about that now because internet time trumped food tonight, its 5pm and I haven't eaten since 5am!

Here's what we've been busy doing since we last wrote: (I keep notes in my notebook that I want to type about, but then forget my notebook everytime we are at internet!)

we did REFLEXOLOGY! Okay, I don't know how much of that method is bunk, but I promise you there is some truth to it!!! My sinuses feel clearer my kidneys cleaner after that foot massage! I'm not saying it's not a mental thing, but whatever it is, it works! We paid 4 dollars for 1/2 hour massages for both of us and it was the best money spent since we've been here!

After that we caught a cab to Sanur where a water taxi took us to the island Nusa Lambongen for 2 nights. Well half way through the cab ride, I realized that I forgot my charger in the hotel, so our sweet driver took us back for it. The indonesians are REALLY nice here, we feel so welcome. They truly go out of their way to be kind to us. Anyway, with that 40 min time delay, we BARELY made the boat to Nusa... we literally ran through the streets, asking where to buy tickets as we ran. It was really crazy. The boat ride was pretty choppy, but we have iron stomachs. The boat ride to and from the island required that we walk through the ocean to get into the boat. No port or dock on either side, just sand and water!

The island was fantastic! It was kind of rainy, but we had a great sunset and the BEST food we've had in Bali. The first night I saw another lady with a bowl of pasta I knew I would love, so I went with that. Every time you order something you have NO IDEA what it will come out to be. The other morning for breakfast we ordered waffles which came out as those sandwich things you make in a sandwich maker after church on sunday. You know what I'm talking about?

Our hotel there was the most expensive of any, but worth it! We were on the second floor and had a perfect view of the ocean. I wish you could see photos! It was so cool to look out and see 50+ fisherman out collecting our lunch and dinners :) This island is also known for their fantastic seaweed, which they brought in with buckets and buckets and will sell to countries all over the world. One woman was out collecting worms for bait and Scott couldn't help himself. 5 minutes later he was out with her, grabbing worms out of the deep sand. I opted to stay on the lounge chair, chatting with 2 women from Holland who came to Indo with their road bikes for 5 weeks to tour the island. Boy were they fit, and they were tired! This last few days on the island was their reward! On the island we also made friends with 2 young couples from Australia, an older couple from England, a couple from South Africa and then the 2 women from Holland. One guy from Belgium was there teaching diving lessons and he helped us out a lot in the beginning. It's really fun to swap stories and get/give tips with other tourists. It's always nice to see someone who speaks English!

On our 1 full day on the island, we rented a motorbike! It was the PERFECT place to get started because there are no cars on the island! We just tooled around the island all day, exploring the mangrove forests and stopping in at little viewpoints. We had some really tough rain at 2 points, so we pulled under a shelter. One woman invited us into her bungalow, so on our way in, Scott totally slipped and fell prettymuch on his chest. I mean he was flat on the ground. He quickly hopped up, not badly injured, but he does have some fairly painful scrapes on his right knee. Speaking of injuries, my feet are DESTROYED from my chacos. Ugh. Theyu rub rub rub and when wet, cut into my feet. I bought $2 cute flip flops today so hopefully the change of shoe will help. I couldn't bear to wear my Mizuno's in this weather.

We went to a warung for dinner last night and had the BEST fish I've ever had. And I consider myself a conosouir of fish! One dish was like ground fish wrapped in lime leaves and then barbequed in banana leaves. It was just delish! The other was a fresh jackhead fish, seared to perfection. Just this little hut we never would have found were it not for the scooter. We had to drive home in the dark and rain which was pretty scary, but luckily Scott is brave. I took my turn driving too, but Scott freaked out so much it just wasn't worth it.

Today we caught a boat back to the mainland at 8am. Good thing we didn't have breakfast because 2 locals puked on the ride. It smelled sooo bad- I don't even want to think about it. There was no getting away from it. I ended up sniffing my gum to try to get the smell out of my head! Once arriving, we went to Jimbaron, where we are now. We found a great place to stay- we LOVE the pool! WE got oriented, then rented another scooter. It's scarier here with all the busy cars, horns, and pedestrians. Every time I get on that thing I am convinced I will die. Anyhow, we're not dead yet! We took a little ride down some main roads and found the 4 Seasons Resort! Scott says our white skin and American attitudes are our passport to anywhere we want on the island. The people love Americans, and Obama! So we got through the series of gates to the hotel and made our way to the beach. We actually saw another white guy on our way in, began chatting, and he is going to email some friends he has in Sacramento who work for the Public Relations division for the airlines!!! You just never know when you'll get a job lead! We relaxed and enjoyed the 4 Seasons life and then returned to our hotel.

Went for another swim, and then showered off for our date tonight. We are now halfway to another costal town, Oolu Atu for a Balinese dancing show. But before we left Scott had to get a haircut. Wow. Talk to me about how that went later. Don't worry, in the end of the day, his hair looks great :) Anyway, we love it here and have made some really amazing memories already.

Being out here in a foreign land on this island is really helping us learn to rely on each other and on our Heavenly Father. We truly feel the sealing power in our relationship and we are so grateful for the bond that we now share. Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers for our safety! (and of course for your blog comments, we love hearing from you!)



Noelle said...

The Four Seasons? Quite posh aren't we? I think that's so awesome that you are making good friends with the tourists. We found that is how we got some of our best tip offs of people and places. The fish you are describing sounds amazing. I really could go for some awesome authentic cuisine right about now. We're having my goodbye lunch at work today... good old American wings and ribs.

Julie T said...

Stefanie, I love your detail in description and your honesty. I feel like I have partly experienced some of the adventure along with you! Things like mentioning how you have to walk through the water to get on the boat! When you write on a full stomach, everything seems nearly perfect. But when you're needy, well, true feelings come out and I think you're exactly right. You can hack these discomforts now but by 30, most of us really don't want to put up with that stuff anymore so you're lucky to be doing this now! What a great lesson to learn early: the people you meet can be the best leads you'll ever have so chat them each up- who knows what someone's father or sister happens to do? And somehow, they perceive this special bond with you because you are both "strangers in a strange land"! Please, please just eat something at least every four hours especially while you're travelling. Trust me, that's not the place to cut your budget. In fact, I'll give you some extra money when you get home if you need to spend a few extra dollars a day so you can enjoy what you're seeing more (and not yell at the taxsi drivers! ha,ha- jk! :) Can hardly wait for the next installment!

Shawna said...

Thanks for all your posts. I'm having trouble leaving comments for some reason, but I'm reading all of them! I was shocked to hear the chacos were disappointing to some degree--I remember when you thought they could do no wrong! I hope you got a picture of you and Scott on the motorcycle. Love, Shawna

NatalieD said...

It's good you're still alive! You don't want all of those wedding gifts going to waste. I think you're awfully brave to take this kind of honeymoon adventure. You must really be getting to know each other in a way most of us can only imagine. (And, when we imagine it, it's best left in our imaginations.) Stay safe, sane and smart!