Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Departure time: 4:45am, Thanksgiving Day.
We are headed out to stay with the Whitehead Wildcats for a long weekend with the WHOLE family!!!
Upon arrival, we will feast:

The next morning, festivities will continue, but this time CHRISTMAS style :) Since we will spread our separate ways come December, we'll celebrate on Friday instead!

Saturday is HARRY POTTER day! We will finally see the new movie, and there are rumors that we'll play our own game of Quidditch in the backyard. I hope I'm on Tanner's team.

Can you guess whose birthday is on Sunday??? Yours Truly :)
Any last minute things I should do while still 21?

And I think Monday we will relax before our flight back to
good ol' Utah.

Basically, we have a KILLER weekend planned, thanks (primarily) to Mom, Heather and Noelle. Let's just hope I get feeling better before our arrival!!!

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