Monday, November 22, 2010


We were SO GLAD we could make it to Hale Center Theater's production of:
The Scarlet Pimpernel

This show was UNbelievable! And that's coming from a pretty tough critic. The costumes, the voices, the acting, the movement on that small, circular stage- it was incredible! When we first arrived we were a bit skeptical, noting the seemingly tiny stage and mere 10 rows of seating. But this circular stage was perfect for these actors. It was so cool to see their faces and feel the wind of their wake as they rushed on and off the stage. This show was funny, romantic, historical, suspensful, and just all-around a GREAT show! These were our two leads: Percy and Marguirite. SO great!!!
Even their wig artist was able to attach the wigs in such a way that they could all keep their natural hairlines. I'm telling you, it was perfect!
Scott even knew 2 of the actors. Here we are with Kristen afterward! Scott taught her in the MTC a few years ago...
While we were waiting for her to come out, I overheard an older woman saying that she is a "Pimpernel Junkie." She has been to over 50 performances of this show, and Hale's is definitely in the top 5! She had already been to their show 4 times, and was ready to line up at the box office to try to get in again that very night!!!
A BIG thank you to Charlene and family for the invite!


Heather said...

Can't believe I've never seen this! It is definitely on my list!!

Cass said...

We went to that a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it!