Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do you want the bad news or the good news first?

The Good news is that we miraculously got a notice in the mail for a $100 credit at
The Hotel Del in San Diego!
Combined with the leftover from our honeymoon, we hopefully have enough to have a REALLY great time over Christmas break :)
(When I told Scott about the credit, he said this was the BEST news he has gotten since we got married!)

The bad news is that it was soooo cold this morning that my lock to get in the car was sort of frozen shut, and once I did get going, the gears didn't shift so well. I can tell it is going to be a long winter...


Alison Spencer said...

Remember that time we thought your locks were frozen and we poured hot water all over them but turns out it wasn't even your car...?

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

Haha- I was remembering that exact same thing. And I wasn't even there:)

Heather said...

The good news far outweighs the bad, far, far, far!