Monday, November 15, 2010


Do I like school?
When I was in school, did I like school?
Not immensely.
Do I regret that?

It is really a two-sided topic for me.

When in school, I LOVED:
-Interacting with people
-Walking around between classes and to/from campus
-Having a variety of projects and assignments that interested me
-Doing different things every day of my life!
-Being challenged mentally
-Engaging in thought provoking discussions
-WRITING papers!
-Organizing my time and choosing my priorities throughout the day
-Learning new, cool things that expanded my vision

Now, I LOVE:
-Having my nights FREE! I really can’t imagine giving that up!
-Never feeling guilty for not working on that paper or getting ahead on my project when I’m out having fun!
-Never fighting my professors for an A
-Reading for fun, instead of some text book
-Having my own desk/ office to decorate
-Being an expert on certain subjects and knowing all the answers to people’s questions
-Not studying for hours, not even knowing if I was or wasn’t ready for the test.

I’m not super sure what the point of this post was, but I guess it could be to LOVE your life if you’re a student now, and LOVE your life if you’re a worker. And if you're a mom, I'm sure there's a lot to LOVE too :)

I can't believe it's been a YEAR since I went through the temple! WOW, time flies!

There is just so much to LOVE in life!

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Shawna said...

There is so much to love! And you are one of them. Your his and hers stockings are really cute. I think you do like school or else you wouldn't be considering a Masters...but it's true that having evenings free is fun...if your husband has evenings free! XXOO