Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To Wine, or not to Wine?

It all started with a beautiful pot roast:Then Scott got a stroke of inspiration to use the bottle of red wine we got from the Hotel Del last January... This was our first time ever cooking with any kind of wine, so we were pretty unsure what to do. The first task was to get the cork out. It took quite a bit of brainstorming to come up with the idea to use an actual screw and these orange things below in lieu of an actual corkscrew. Scott thought maybe 1 cup would do the trick. Ha. Luckily, we only put in half a cup, but even that was a bit much. Turns out the potatoes really absorb. Who knew? We decided not to have guests over because you could taste/smell the wine pretty well. Next time I think we will just put 1/4 cup right onto the meat when we sear it.

All in all, it tasted delicious and was very juicy with rich flavor. I usually let the roast cook in the Crock Pot, but this dutch oven was a dream! Thank goodness we got this wine as a free gift, I think I would be too nervous to go to the liquor store and I'd have no clue what to buy. Have you cooked with any unique ingredients lately? Do you have a corkscrew?

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Sandra & Brent said...

Well, look at you two! The photos look like something from a food blog! I have to admit that I love the flavor of wine in my food . . . also rum, brandy, whiskey (as in whiskey sauce for bread pudding) etc. I don't cook with any of it so I have to go out to get these flavors. Good thing that I don't drink . . . I'm afraid I'd be rather intemperate:) How's Scott's brother . . . I'm praying for him. Love, Sandra