Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in November!

We celebrated Christmas as part of "Thanksmas" in November!

Santa Came early :) I LOVE how Santa lays out the presents so beautifully.

We all gave my parents a book detailing 1 service activity each of us did this year. This was the first year of our (hopefully) annual tradition. I think they really loved it!

The boys got tats. How cooool.

Heather has a rockin' costume box. I would say Bryan usually gets into character the best out of all of us. Mom and Heather give him a run for his money though :)

The kids always want a SILLY picture!!!
We had a great Christmas in November and
look forward to our California Christmas in December!!!

Happy travels (for all of you travelling) and

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Noelle said...

I'm sad to see so many posts with no comments. That is just sad. I'll do better, I promise. I've seen a major drop in my comments too, so it's not just you. sorry jake wasn't more fun for you while you were out visiting.