Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Just "Nothing"

I grew a cyst.
The doctor basically said that my cyst is "nothing" and I should worry when it's the size of a golf ball. What a nightmare!
Can you imagine?!?!?

It doesn't really hurt. Only kind of. It's just sore some days, and when something pushes on it, it hurts. Apparently it is directly over the nerves for my fingertips or something. I would need a hand specialist/orthopedic to remove it because of it's location. It is an optional or "cosmetic" surgery. That is code for NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE.

So, I guess it is nothing. I will go on living with this bump on my wrist. As long as it never grows to the size of a golf ball, I'm okay.

No problem :)


Heather said...

Tanner was just talking about the big bump on Annie Fannie's wrist. He insisted that you already had surgery to remove it and that you didn't cry.

Karrie said...

Cure: Hit it hard with a book. I had one and it went away.

Suggestion: Don't do it yourself.

Noelle said...

Yikesorama! It totally grew. Ha ha, I like Karrie's comment. :) I bet tanner would have loved to perform THAT ninja surgery on you.

Lisa and Mark said...

(i'm not a total creeper, i'm a friend of the hathaway family.) :)

i have one of those! i would recommend getting it aspirated or surgically removed because i've kept mine there for a few years and now it's hardened and i can't move my wrist very well.

good luck!