Thursday, December 23, 2010

Indianapolis, ID

I know these posts are backlogged MAJOR, but, better late than never I guess! Just a quick overview of our morning downtown:If you go on the right day at the right time, you can climb to the top!
This HOT CHOCOLATE was the BEST we have ever had!!! They melted actual chocolate into steamed milk, then covered it with actual whip cream (not the can kind) and shaved fudge/white chocolate on top. With a cherry of course. It was DELISH! We only got 1 to share b/c they were like $3.25 each, but looking back, we should have each gotten our own!
Here I am by the river. Indianapolis really does have a lot going for it!
This is a famous (read: sports stars and politicians had signed the walls) pizza parlor just opposite that big tower pictured above. Im holding a PIZZA stick, not a breadstick!

The few hours we spent downtown was a fun getaway that we will always remember!

We got together with a friend once who asked us, "What are we going to do to make a memory tonight?" I just loved that! It seems it is always better to do something unique and memorable when you have the chance! What did you do to make a memory today?


Heather said...

Just got your card - loved it! So glad you could enjoy our city. I truly hope we'll get to try that hot chocolate before we leave this summer. ID is Idaho, IN is Indiana. Love you adn hope your Christmas is magical.

Noelle said...

So glad you could both come out to Thanksmas in Indy. We just loved having you and I'm glad you got to explore the city a little while you were here. I am jealous of the hot cocoa. I could use some of that today. My memory of the day, I went in during the wee hours to turn off the alarm clock jake accidentally set in his room and woke him up.

Anonymous said...

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