Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree Crafting


Okay, maybe not TOTAL, I had all the ribbon in my ribbon stash, and 2 pieces of decorative paper from a garage sale earlier this summer. So really I just bought the wood cut outs and that beautiful gold pointsettia paper.

This project took maybe just over an hour, and was SO fun and easy! I watched 2 episodes of the Cosby Show with my Modge Podge, a pencil and scissors :)

I am sort of obsessed with this tree. Isn't that a beautiful damask? And the ribbon flows so naturally!

Scott is learning to appreciate crafts. As long as our house doesn't look like an explosion of Relief Society, he is okay :) But he does wonder why everything I make has to mis-match. The stockings, these trees, and a few other things I'm sure, are all mismatched! Wait until he sees our new Christmas tree skirt!!! Hahaha.

Not this Christmas, but maybe some day I will have a wood cutter in my garage that I could use to cut these wood blocks. I would have a LOT of fun with that!

Merry Christmas!


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Noelle said...

Those turned out REALLY cute! I think if you have a woodcutter in your garage that would be great. Then I can use it when I come visit.