Monday, December 20, 2010

Indy Raceway

The Indy 500 Raceway was pretty incredible.

We took Tanner and Shannon to check out the sites. Here is the finish line:

The historic name for the track is "The Brickyard" because it used to be all brick. Now, just this finish line has the original bricks. One age old tradition of the big race is for the winner to drink a jug of milk at the finish line!
Scott and I got to take a child under age five on the tour around the track with us. Shannon LOVED it! "We'we gonna gwo oun the bwig wracetwack!" Very exciting!

Here's the whole crew. The boys and Shannon! That metal gate has caught plenty of cars in it's time.

What a good day to be in Indianapolis :)


Julie T said...

That is really a great banner, you world travellers you! I'm so glad you got to go to the infamous racetrack! Shannon looks like she could be Scott's daughter! (but not yours! :) Your green coat is so cute-I'm trying hard not to be envious!

Julie T said...

Stefanie, Dad chiming in. Thanks for posting. What a great memory with Shannon! It was so fun to be with you all in Indy. Great photos and taste of the track.

Julie T said...

You know, Stefanie- I'm really grateful to be able to go to your blog and so easily enter the other family members blogs from there! Thank you for keeping the names up on the sidebar!

Noelle said...

That's cool you got to go on the race track and I'm sure that MADE SHANNON'S DAY! I still think I'm glad I stayed home though....