Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eden round TWO

I haven't blogged for a YEAR which is a shame because we have been living very full lives in the meantime! We didn't take too many pics on our weekend away to the Kitchen Cabin in Eden, but here are a few:

Scott built Joey a KILLER igloo, but the camera was already in the house by then. Vess buried bacon in the snow to get her to go in, and now poor joey is convinced that she will find bacon if she just keeps digging!

We went to some Mexican restaurant Angie calls "Carlos and Harveys" but is really called "Roberto's and something else..." We are not super sure. But this dude was excited to have us all sign his guitar. For some reason he didn't even play for us though. I even asked.

And the lowlight of the trip was burning the brownies

You would have too if your controls looked like this:

We had a great weekend just relaxing and eating junk food and clementines (better than junk food!) I also took Christmas card photos for the couples up there with us. They turned out really cute, but I won't post them here so that they can be a surprise in the mail :)

I hope you get to a snowy cabin sometime this winter to RELAX and enjoy the season!!!

Merry Christmas!

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Noelle said...

Whoa! Those brownies took a beating. I like your hat. :)