Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Party

This weekend we had a family party in Centerville. Grandma and Grandpa's highlight was definitely singing "A House Becomes a Home" and "Families can be Together Forever." They were so cute :) Christmas suspenders n' all! And then there were cousins! LOVE them and wouldn't miss an opportunity to connect. It looks like Jordan wanted to be in the girls pic :) He is such a stud- just got his mission call to Vitoria Brazil! He looks kinda creepy in this picture, but he is really not :)

I wish I could get pictures with each of my cousins individually! Every one of them inspires me to be a better person, but each in their own way.
Thank goodness for ski trips that bring families together :)

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Julie T said...

Thanks for documenting the party! You are SO lucky to have such a great gaggle of cousins! Probably one of the main benefits of being the youngest in our family! Can't wait for Easter when hopefully many of us will be together again!