Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SO Pottery Barn.

Scott is a hard worker. With his new industrial wet/dry vacuum, sander, chop saw, nail gun, air compressor, and various other devices he went to town. For Valentines Day. For me. A headboard was higher on the priority list for me than a couch... so this is a BIG deal :)

1st Step: Buying the wood.
2nd Step: Cutting the wood.
3rd Step: Nailing the wood.
4th Step: Improvising a bit.
5th Step: Staining. Wiping it off. Staining. Wiping it off.
6th Step: Run over the can of polyurethane (read: finish spray) with the car.
7th step: Send Stef looking for said spray through all the isles of Home Depot.
8th step: Carry the headboard up the stairs.
9th step: Proudly make the new bed :)

I LOVE how it turned out. Thank goodness for the website knockoffwood where I found the pattern. Building for men is like quilting for girls. No wonder we are a good match!
Luckily Scott has skills. He thinks if he were to build another one, it could be completed in ~3 hours (not including drying time). For about $50 I would say this DIY project is a GREAT thing!

10th step: Get ready to start the side tables. (And believe me, I have big plans for future projects :)


Josh said...

Turned out great! You've inspired me...Hopefully that means I'll fix our bed.

Marianne said...

It looks incredible! You guys are the best, I don't think I'd ever think "hmm I'm going to make my own headboard..." But it totally turned out and headboards are expensive! Good job, Scott :)

Muerte said...

it's SO rustic, I want to go out an wrestle a pine tree!

Way to go Scott!

Heather said...

Wow - I'm totally impressed! Great work Scott. Congrats Stef.

Shawna said...

Love it!

Noelle said...

That looks amazing. I didn't know he was such a craftsman! So how did it attach to the bed?