Monday, February 14, 2011


Saturday found us in Midway at the Ice Castles! Pretty impressive eh?
We watched a documentary on ice climbing on Friday night, so Scott was especially excited. Can I just say photographing ICE is reeeealllly hard? Like, Really hard. I am proud to say I shot in manual the entire day. There were LOTS of overexposed pics, and a few good ones (pictured here). I thought the next few turned out pretty cool. There were ice tunnels and here's what it looked like inside. Can you see someone hiding? The man who creates these "harvests" ~2,000 icicles each day to add to his creation. There are spouts of water running throughout the castles to keep it frozen even on sunny days. Here is the harvesting: He helped pay for 2 sons' missions from last years proceeds and will pay for his daughters wedding this year! Cool, huh? ($5/adult)
Happy Valentines Day :)
XOXO, Scott and Stef


Shawna said...

John told us about these--I'm so glad you included pictures. The last one is my favorite!

Noelle said...

Wowie, I had no idea those even existed. You guys find a lot of great stuff to do in Utah. Happy Heart Day :) Did you get my valentine?

Steve and Jess said...

No way! We were totally there Saturday night!!

Sandra & Brent said...

I've been happily browsing your last few posts for the last few minutes and I have the biggest smile on my face. Ice castles, gnocchi (my brother makes great gnocchi also; his wife is Italian), exotic places AND Annie! I love that photo taken on the beach. Hang in there, the winter can't last forever. Love ya, Sandra

Muerte said...

perfect date idea! Is there still time for me to go?