Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keen. Teva. Chaco. Reef.

I love all these shoes. Chacos and Reefs are my favorite. This sweet shoe picture was taken on a great day to be alive: Us four + Scott will be reunited on Friday.

Sleepover at the Hathaways :)

Sooo Excited!

p.s. If I ever end up with a dog (which would be a miracle for Scott, a semi-nightmare for me, the dog's name would definitely be Chaco. It's condition #1.)


Heather said...

Dangit - wish I could be there. Remind me to ask you about girl bedding at Gardner Village asap! I may want Mom to try and take it home and drive it out to me in Spokane.

Noelle said...

So they are bunkin' at your place? According to Mom, they're staying with G&G. Love the foot pic. Phil needs new sandles he wears his reefs every day of summer for the last 6 summers. Where is a good place to look?

Allison Tanner said...

I think I need to invest in some chacos this summer. Especially since I will be going to china in the next month! Can't wait to see you all at the wedding! (We will miss you and your family's Noelle and Heather!)