Thursday, April 14, 2011


I chatted with the checkout man at Khol's yesterday while I was rifling through my purse to get my wallet and find a coupon. By the time I had everything I needed, I looked up to hand him the coupon. That's when it happened. I let out a little yelp and jumped back! So embarrassing... The seemingly normal Khol's employee had those bold colored/crazy designed contacts in his eyes. Halloween isn't for 6 months buddy. I quickly finished my transaction and got outta there!

Scott goes on business trips about every few months. They are only a few days long, but those are always a long few days. But, after talking with BeeGee (Grandma) I've realized it is kind of nice because I can do whatever I want without feeling selfish (read: SEW), I can skip making dinner if I want to, I can watch the shows I like, and most importantly, it makes having him home all the sweeter once he returns. Welcome home babe!

I found my planner. I'm surprised I never blogged about losing it. Turns out my planner was in my church bag. But, I didn't know that for two weeks since we had conference. Also, I have a really fun time with my primary class. I look forward to hanging out with them and teaching them the gospel. It's a great calling because I love to teach and play fun games, but it is not as intimidating as teaching sunday school. The most entertaining part of class is when a child raises their hand to give an "unrelated comment." Each child gets 2 unrelated comments - an effort to keep the random, long-winded stories down, and learning time up! Two of my favorite comments have been 1) a detailed account of a kid seeing Rudolph and Santa on the neighbor's roof in February and 2) a recount of a taekwando match with an accompanying display of the flying pigeon kick. Don't worry, Scott home teaches that family, so he got to see the kick too. My kids are 7 turning 8. Perfect age :) Primary is always a good time!


Whit said...

You are too funny. PS your font makes the post title look like the word CONDOM. Hahaha!

Allison Tanner said...

Stef! Sometime when Scott is gone and if you want some company, I would love to come join in on one of your projects or just sit and chat while you sew. (I think we were going to get together one time when he was gone but i was busy with school, but we should try again) Teaching primary seems like it would be a fun calling! I like your "unrelated comment" idea. haha

Noelle said...

That is a GREAT age to teach in primary. Phil and I get to team teach a 6 yr old class on May 1st, I'm pretty excited (that means Jacob will be in nursery too!!!!) Glad you found your planner. Let's see what you've been sewing?