Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I can't get enough.

You Guys,
I don't know what is going on...

I am the girl who refused to finish her milk as a 7 year old.
I remember once sitting at the kitchen table all night until it was time to get on the school bus the next morning.
A strong-willed little milk HATER.

Really, no lies.

But times have changed.
As Scott puts it:
"You drink more milk than a young calf!!!"

I wouldn't be surprised if half our grocery budget goes to milk.
(And the other half to epsom salts for my sometimes twice daily baths...)

Back to milk.
I do have cereal for breakfast most mornings- so some goes to that,
but otherwise, it is milk by the glass full for me!
I have gone through 2 gallons since I bought them Monday morning
and it is only Wednesday at lunchtime!
Seriously, what is going on?

Are there any negative repercussions of drinking too much milk?
I guess this craving is far better than brownies and ice cream
(Although I still dream about Thanksgiving Point's brownie sundae)
Really though, a cold glass of milk sounds better to me than almost anything at any given moment!

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Elyse Marie said...

Drink up Momma Hathaway! That new baby will just loooove his milk :-)