Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tanner Shower

A few weeks ago, my dad's sisters threw me a baby shower! It was so much fun to hang with all the girls and play such fun games and really just look forward to welcoming this baby girl! My aunts did such a great job planning all the games and activities, I really had a lot of fun!
These are my cousins from Issaquah, Jessie and Melissa- grew up with them and love them!
Their whole family was in town to ski this week so it worked out perfectly!
Oh Allie :) We had some good times at Ikea on our way up to SLC for the party. Thanks for the fun times Al! (Check out that fruit! The mini fruit pizzas were a perfect shower food!)
Heidi and her roommate :) So funny that Scott used to babysit Heidi when they lived in the same ward in Corona!
Sierra and Emilie, what gems :) Super fun girls, thanks for coming!
Wish I could have gotten a picture with everyone, but that is what a group picture is for, right? Huge thank you to everyone who came and made it such a party!
And now,
for the best picture of the night,
and arguably the best picture of my pregnancy thus far:

Me and my Uncle Ed :)
(This photo was his idea!)

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Noelle said...

Oh my gosh. So funny! Love that you got a Tanner shower--that was so nice of them!