Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hi Friends,

Well, we made it out of Pleasant Grove alive.  Moving is kind of a bigger ordeal than we anticipated.  Turns out we collected lots of things during our 3 years in Utah.  We kind of laugh to think that PG is the only life we know as a married couple, but in 10 years from now, we will probably look back at our experience there as a short segment of our lives together.

I know we married well because it seems all my friends say "Wow, you're lucky you could convince Scott to go after this dream with you" and all his friends say "Sheesh, you're sure lucky your wife will go along with you on this!"  Too much!

Tatum is excited to not wear her warm sleeper that makes crawling and walking practice a little tougher. 

 The storage unit was quite packed by the time we left... That industrial vacuum still cracks me up!  We ended up keeping our mattress and BBQ because we had the space. 

Usually long drives kind of wear us out, but this trip was so relaxing compared to all the packing/cleaning/sorting we'd just finished.

Thanks to Rob and Jacque and Betsy we had a fun night in Vegas to break up the trip!  Thanks Skaggs, we had a great time with you!!!

We are SOOOO grateful for our friends and family who moved around their schedules and drove over in less-than-perfect conditions to help us clean.  We were so impressed by people who come to do the dirty work... not just friends when it's time for dinner and games, but friends who come when its inconvenient too.  Now we have 3 days to reorganize our bags, finish up all our insurance/taxes/intl driving permit documentation and get ourselves to LAX.  



Julie T said...

Cowabunga! That is a lot of snow piled up by your driveway. Nasty. I know what you mean about sunshine friends! When you experience a wedding for your children or a moving day you really know who's there for you!! (Glad you get to keep your bcue and mattress!!)

NatalieD said...

Hooray! Excited to keep up with your adventures. Good luck and God bless!