Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bagaces Weekend Part 2

Okay, so I have ROYALLY messed up the photo organization for these Part 1 and Part 2 posts. Forget I ever said anything like that, and just enjoy the pics and stories.
I have really gotten into mud masks this year.  I try out new recipes at home, look at products in the store, invite/force my friends and Scott to do them with me.... I just love them. Anyway, when I Scott saw mud from the Miravalles Volcano on sale at the hotel, he was a stud of a husband and bought them for us to do together that evening.
Combined with the kids leftover cucumbers, we were set!  
Cassie is the perfect pirate!

The hike even had a few river crossings!
They are such good dads!
And we met some monkeys.  They were pretty involved with us... a ranger later told us that we are lucky they didn't pee on us!

The Hathaway/Hilton Clan:
This girl eats almost an adult portion.  We usually order her a side of rice and beans, or she will eat a quesadilla with fruit and a veggie.
This last waterfall was the highlight of the weekend for me.  Hands down!  It was only a few dollar donation to a local school to get in, then a quick walk down to this gorgeous waterfall.  

T was in HEAVEN!
Just splashing and playing away.  She drank her juice box and just had a marvelous time.  She is never afraid of the water and just swims and splashes and has the best time!   
Look at that!  So impressive!  

Such a beautiful day in Costa Rica!

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Julie T said...

That is one splendid waterfall and I'm an afficionado! The water must not have been too cold or T wouldn't have liked it so much!