Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Saying Goodbye to La Fortuna

Here are a last few pics.  
I'm trying to stay caught up with blogging, and I'm failing miserably!
We took some of our extra things and food to Maria and her family on our last night.  She was so sweet to us, and has already made an effort to stay in touch since we've been in Samara. Sweet memories!
Our check out with Norma!  She and her daughter Nahtalie were really good to us.  We learned a lot about living in Costa Rica from them.  Things like how to ship a car here, health insurance for your family, giving birth here... various things like that. They lived in Corona for about 20 years and were thrilled by our connection from the beginning!
This is our sweet waitress from La Pradera!  She was always so accommodating for us with T.  She painted her fingernails rainbow colors to entertain T and was eager to pull a banana from the fruit presentation so T would have something to eat while we waited for our meal.  We loved her and were impressed by her going out of her way to serve us!
And, the front view of our apartment!  Living on the 3rd floor was good because of our spectacular view of the volcano!  It was nice having maintenance on site and even a communal washing room with a dryer!  We have fond memories of La Fortuna and we're so happy we spent almost 2 months of our lives in that great town!

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