Friday, April 5, 2013

Pool Day with the Hiltons

We were so lucky to be invited up to the house for a pool day at the Hiltons!

Cassie and I met at Zumba one night, and between our connection over the northwest (She is from Tacoma) and our experiences bringing our babies abroad, we totally hit it off!
T and Gwenna are just 2 months apart, and Harlow is a 3 year old cutie pie!
They live in the hills, in a beautiful, big, brightly-colored ranch-style house.  They don't have air-con, but they do have a pool for cooling off!
Cassie and Angelo will be here for 2-3 years.  They are totally committed to this lifestyle and have embraced the amazing and challenging aspects of living abroad, without looking back.  They have been such great examples to us of dreaming big, following your dreams, and enjoying each day together.  They are such a cute family and we always look forward to our adventures together.
T loves having friends to play with who teach her how to color!

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