Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Our move out date in Samara was April 15.  But it was cheaper to fly out of Liberia the 16th.  So we used the extra day to see Tamarindo!  And boy are we glad we did!  You would think 2 beach towns on the same peninsula would be mostly the same.  Well Playa Samara and Tamarindo are very different!  Tamarindo was a hoppin surfer town!  Big beach with tons of restaurants and just a much busier feel than Samara.  It was kind of refreshing to be somewhere that had things going on.  We loved the slow pace in Samara, but it was kind of fun to be in a higher energy place.

I booked our hotel online a week before, and I did a GREAT job if I do say so myself!  The Hotel Pasatiempo.  We got a room right by the pool so we took T swimming for maybe 10 minutes and then put her down for a nap and stayed out for a few more hours before hitting the beach.  It was a low key, but clean, nice hotel in a great location with good food.  Win.

T's latest trick is Hi-Fives!  She is so fun!

We ended the night at "Wok n' Roll" a tasty restaurant where we ordered Vietnamese spring rolls and a whole red snapper in tamarind sauce.  We have a really great track record with red snapper (our best meal in all of Asia was a red snapper on the beach in Bali, Indonesia!) and went for it again!  It was a great choice, but pretty difficult to de-bone the fish while wrestling a tired baby.  Not our classiest meal.

We caved and bought T a souvenir on our last day.  She loves the shakers, and it is reminiscent of our Samara house where we had a tree that grew these hollow  (once dried) fruit. 

We had a great time in Tamarindo and won't be surprised if we find ourselves there again.

p.s.  T-9 days until our departure to PERU!

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Love love love reading your blog! And I love you guys!