Monday, April 1, 2013

The Crocodile Hunters

This was such a thrill!
(Sign: Caution, Crocs in the estuary) 

Our friends the Hiltons told us about this estuary about 10 minutes from our place over by Playa Carillo where they'd seen some Ticos feeding crocodiles... so of course, that was our next adventure!
We packed our bags full of salchichas (hot dogs) and off we went!

We began with a tree branch, with half a hot dog on each of the forked ends.  We held it over the bridge for what felt like half an hour, but was probably more like 10 minutes, with no results.  Cassie was never the least bit deterred.  She had seen 5 crocs last time and KNEW they would come for the hot dogs.

We ended up throwing the branch in to let it float the hot dogs over the water to see if that would lure them in.  Then Scott got serious.  He found a HUGE dried palm branch and skewered a full hot dog to the end.

After splashing the hot dog, wafting the scent, and wishing the croc over, he came out of NOWHERE and snapped the hot dog off in one huge bite!

Check out this video!

Can you see his full body?

Scott was laughing to so hard and says it was really crazy to feel and see the croc on the end of his stick.  So wild!

After that, a few of his buddies joined him and we ended up seeing 3 or 4 different crocs.
Look at that bright eye!?!  This animal is powerful!  Can you see his teeth in the very bottom right?  We kept the Hilton's dog on the leash!

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WtlMomma said...

Never a dull moment for the Hathaways in C.R.! Merlin is here this weekend and I'm showing him your blog. I'll give him the web address so he can keep up with you guys. :-) Be good and stay safe!! Love you!