Sunday, September 8, 2013

Brooklyn with the Girls

Last week, I ventured out with 3 other moms and 10 kids to a pop up pool in Brooklyn!  It was a little ways away, but well worth it for the fun times and spectacular skyline views.  This was my first friend outing and it went so great I've gone on more since then!  I laugh at myself thinking how weird I am about managing a baby in the city when I see these girls do it with 3 kids each!  And they all have just a single stroller- their 3 year olds walk! 

Someone on the street came up and asked my friend Minde which way to Bleeker street... she told them she's "from Manhattan and doesn't know this area well, sorry!"  About 30 minutes later someone else asked me for a direction, so following Minde's lead I replied "Oh shoot, I'm from Manhattan, sorry I can't help you!"  LOL.  Like I would have known the way had we been in Manhattan, or even my neighborhood for that matter!  

T was a happy girl that day, thank heavens!  She missed both naps but held it together splendidly!
I was expecting plastic sides since it was advertised as a "pop up pool" but I guess they only got a 4 year lease, so since the land hasn't been bought it qualifies as a pop up.

Lots of water play with all the kiddos!
And an incredible lemon ginger sorbet to cool off.  Maybe not $3 for a teeny cup amazing, but definitely amazing!
I think this was the day I started to fall in love with my new city.


Heather said...

Looks so fun! That's why we usually get one baby at a time, so by the time you have three, you're pro.

Tara said...

I was wondering what a pop-up pool is...I've seen some other NYC bloggers post about it but alway thought it just looked like a normal pool, haha. Turns out it IS just a normal pool...