Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lady Liberty

We got on the 1 train toward South Ferry, and this time, we actually got off at the last stop, South Ferry!  Craziest thing happened, just 2 stops into the ride, my friend Tamara from Jerusalem boarded our train!  What are the chances!?!  We had a great time catching up, and luckily Tamara had an ipad for T to play with (Have I mentioned she's in a screaming phase?) and she had hand wash for when Scott accidentally touched a stranger's blood.  Yeah that was weird.  Oh the New York subway...

The ferry terminal to Staten Island shares a building with the metro stop, so the transition was easy.  There was a man in our elevator who had is headphones on, but we could hear his music louder than if we'd had a true speaker going ourselves... apparently T liked his tunes because the started shimmy-ing and dancing and pointing and waving "Hi" to the man.  He was very flattered and hung around us a bit longer than he needed to, I think because he got such positive feedback. :)  

(Side note:  We've been very confused as to why, how and where T learned to shimmy.  Then one day we watched her Sesame Street show with her, and saw that Destiny's Child is featured in several songs on this episode. Yep. Destiny's Child taught my child to shimmy.)

Back to Lady Liberty.  The free ferry was very crowded, especially on the side with the Statue of Liberty, naturally.  So we joined the masses and I snuck my camera above heads and through arms to get what I think are some great images!

Leaving Manhattan behind:  

Once we arrived on Statten Island we just took a walk around the point and ate our picnic in some shade.  Pretty dreamy.  I think Scott and I have an unspoken, mutual understanding that it is a sin to eat at any chain restaurants in NYC because there is too much good, cheap food to spend time and money on something generic we've had before.  But Subway was just too convenient and tasty to pass up this day.

 I thought there was no better day to wear her tourist shirt than our day to the Statue.

One the way back to Manhattan we stayed inside and got a much better view of Lady Liberty, but through glass.  One of the MTA workers told Scott that he couldn't carry T on his shoulders inside the boat.  Too dangerous.  I would understand it if that rule were in place outside on the deck, but inside, really?  Another government employee told us earlier this week "Your baby can't move around here." Hmmm.

And on the way home, a stop by the Charging Bull.  Note to self: Go early in the morning to avoid hoards of people and the use of your elbows to get a photo alone.  Was it worth it?  No.

It's hard to imagine that 6 months ago I didn't know that all the neighborhoods/streets in Manhattan  revolve around Central Park, or even that Manhattan is truly an island.  (I can't believe I just admitted that, but my mom and sisters will undoubtedly think this is too funny not to share...)  We are learning lots and getting to know our city, although we definitely know we are still new!!


Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...

Tamara!!! How coolio!

Noelle said...

Looks like such a fun adventure and that sandwich looks amazing! I'm jealous of all that you get to see and do out there and I'm glad you finally understand that it's an island....jk.