Friday, September 6, 2013

Chihuly Exhibit, Seattle Center

The Chihuly Garden and Grass exhibit in Seattle was on the top of July's to do list.  It was lucky I still had my old library card to get the local price, because $19 was a bit too much, but I felt fine about $15. His work is really incredible.  I sort of chase down Chihuly's work in new destinations when I visit... Jerusalem, Las Vegas, on board a cruise ship, in fancy hotels... if Chihuly's around I try to go.  So the fact that his most notable exhibition is in his/my hometown of Seattle, it was a must see!  

We were so glad my cousin Nathan and his wife McKenna could join us!

I first saw the Exhibit in Top Chef Seattle where they come for one of the final challenges!

The one-eyed wonder himself: Dale Chihuly!


Julie T said...

LOVED this exhibit too and loved the photos you posted- especially the last 5 or 6! They have such classic simplicity. HIs colors and work were truly amazing. I am inspired now to go see his Tacoma collecton.

Heather said...

This was a GORGEOUS exhibit. I was so lucky to get to go experience it for myself. Great captures of the glass, Stef.