Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fears Dispelled.

We have been here a month now.
A lot of the fears about living in the city have resolved themselves.  

Will I be able to go out for a picnic???

Will I be mugged in the streets???

Will I have friends???

Will I be able to grocery shop, and do the laundry???

Okay, I was never really worried that I wouldn't have friends or be able to shop for food... but just worried about how hard it would be to do such things.  And as it turns out, it's easy :)

Today at Stake Conference we ran into 8 people we know in the city from before we moved here.  It's really fun making new friends with people who are really goal-oriented and doing great things with their lives.  And, there is green space after all!

Life in the city isn't so bad after all :)


Julie T said...

And here we all thought you were a contrified, horse lovin', boot wearin', Texas aimin' cowgirl! :)

Chelsea said...

Great quilt! I love it! And you're looking quite beautiful in that last photo. :)
Things are going great with christheaviator. :D

Noelle said...

How is the grocery shopping going? I'd like to hear more details about daily life in the city :)

Heather said...

Are you taking self defense, just in case? Glad life is going so well. I love reading your posts.

Thad and Christa said...

Love that last pic of you! So pretty :) Sure do miss you guys but it looks like NYC is treating you well

Tara said...

You look great in that last picture! and I agree, more details about daily life please! I've vacationed there and lived "in the city"...of DC... but I'd love to hear more of your experiences. How is Scott's schedule? is he working too?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures! Your city concerns make me laugh ;) I cannot wait until warmer weather - let's go on picnics starting in May, ok?! Can't believe I'll have a baby in tow by then! Eek! We can take our husbands lunch on the CU library steps or meet them at Morningside Park in between classes!