Monday, September 9, 2013

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

The afternoon began with a makeover at Sephora.
Our good friend Brenda works color there and had me in for a total makeover!  Even T thought she was pretty cool...

 Peacock inspired!
 It turns out Soho is really close to Chinatown, so we walked on over to Prosperity Dumpling (4.5 stars and 1,500+ reviews on Yelp!) for some pork and chive dumplings.  They are 4/$1. WAY cheaper than groceries!

We ate them in the park, which was extremely reminiscent of my time in large community parks in mainland China.  Very legit.
 Then, on to the Brooklyn Bridge!  
 This is something we intended to do when vacationing here last April, but it just didn't happen.  So we were excited to make it happen now while the weather is still good!

 And this is when she got an attitude adjustment.  

I love it when our family outings coincide with the golden hour.  Pretty spectacular!


VessandAngie said...

Loving the new look! So posh ;)

Julie T said...

Ewww! That face during the attitude adjustment is pretty bad! But those adjustments are certainly an important part of growing up- we all have to learn to take our lumps! Those dumplings look so good they are inspirational! Too bad you weren't going out on the town with that gorgeous make-over! Kudos, Brenda!

Heather said...

You have such gorgeous baby browns. Please put me on your email list so I don't miss a post. Sweet final bridge picture!

Chelsea said...

My brother and sister totally got those dumplings when I was there this May! I think so at least. :)