Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crawdads for Dinner

Now for a while I'll be posting from July.  Can you believe I just barely uploaded these photos?  Yikes.

One thing I love about Scott is that he thrives on having new experiences. If I had gone into Uwajimaya alone, I probably would have noticed the crawdads but I'm 90% sure I wouldn't have grabbed out 20 live ones, transported them home, and then boiled them.  

Going in for the kill:
They turn red almost immediately!
Ice bath:
This was such a memorable evening on the deck.  We just sat out there for a few hours, eating away and enjoying the lake. And my $5 market flowers!
If you've never done a low country boil, you MUST try it!  It's even more fun to do with lots of friends, eating off newspaper with no napkins or utensils allowed!  

Thanks for the fun, Scott!

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Noelle said...

I have lots of questions about the crawdads. I've never eaten them before. Was it hard to get them open and the meat out? How much meat is one each one and where is it mostly? I have only done crabs so these are totally unique. They are so much more appetizing when they're red! Fun that you guys try out so many new things....