Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sleigh Race

One of the highlights of our Spokane Christmas was the:


A fun alternative to gingerbread houses, we took as long as we wanted building candy sleighs to then race down the stairs. We had impartial judges for the "most attractive sleigh" and let the fastest sleigh prove itself!

Let the building begin! I think everyone used a large chocolate bar for the base and candy canes for runners.

This is how Shannon and Bryan's turned out:

Most beautiful sleigh went to mom and Sienna! Notice the headlights at the front of the sleigh... it was awesome!Scott took great pride in his sleigh, and it went pretty darn fast!

Dad and Annie were awesome. So cute!

Tanner did not have a teammate and he held his own! Watch out Pinewood Derby!

Let the racing begin!

Rick tried to cheat by putting a solid metal wrench in with his chocolate bar... So sneaky. Luckily, his sly efforts did not pay off and Rick came in second...

...Second only to me! Whoop whoop!

Good times had by all!

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Noelle said...

Of course Dad took notes :) Love it. Also loved the headlights. What a fun tradition!!!