Monday, January 9, 2012

The Kimball Christmas

The night before we flew to Spokane, my grandparents had an available night at their time share in SLC. So we packed our bags and Christmas gifts for each other, and headed north! First stop: Olive Garden. We loved using the gift card Scott won from being the BUNKO CHAMP a few weeks prior! Way to go babe! Next Stop: The Kimball. It worked out so well to stay downtown and have a fun getaway before our family vacation. The Kimball is literally right across the street from the conference center/temple. See? We got our Christmas all set up, then ventured into the cold to see some lights and walk temple square. We brought our little wooden tree (On the table in front of the white bag) to put all our gifts beneath. I think this was the last day I could button my coat. It's not possible anymore :(
Scott's big present was a rice cooker! He loved it. Turns out it can do a lot more than cook rice! My recipe book holder has already proven to be a gem, and I got some great chick flicks and even a bumbo for the baby. I am one lucky girl! The wreckage. It was a little obnoxious to bring in like 3 loads of wrapped gifts to the fifth floor at 9pm, and then carry them all out again at 5:30am... but it was worth it! Happy Christmas!

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Noelle said...

What a fun little getaway! Love the home made stockings, you did a great job. At first I was thinking you had to take all the gifts to Spokane, what a relief you had your car to stash them in. Who drove you to the aeropuerto?