Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Walnut Game

The night began with chocolate eclairs. YUM.

Have I told you about the walnut game before?

My mom's dad, Grampy, started this tradition before I was born. He (and now my parents) spent hours upon hours cracking walnuts open right on the seam, and then removing the nut to insert a note, coin, bill, or sometimes he just left a worm inside! So then all the walnuts are laid out in an egg carton and we choose our nut. Then with hammer and goggles you crack it open to find your prize!

It's really fun to crack them open. Once they are glued shut, you really can't tell they'd ever been touched!
A $20 bill was the bigest bill. Tanner was thrilled :) So fun to have the Bastians join us via videochat- holding their hammers and all!
Thanks mom and dad for coordinating and providing for another fun walnut game! Good times!

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Noelle said...

You know Grampy didn't know about the worms, right? It was just a nut that had gotten a little too old. I'm so glad we could join you for this fun tradition!!